Day 10: Check In

Today is day 10 of HRT for me, and to commemorate the occasion I’m doing a bit of a check in on my progress.

Above is a video of me reading my favorite poem to record how my voice sounds at this point in my transition. I’ll keep recording it about once a week to get an idea of how it changes over time with the T.

I’m also uploading some pictures of me in the same clothes/location/poses as the ones in my first post. There really hasn’t been much notable change there so far, but I’m hoping over time changes will become more apparent in these updates.

3/6/22, 5’6″, 165 lbs

I will say that I’ve noticed a slight change in my breast tissue. They feel a little more soft and malleable, making binding a little more comfortable (and effective, hopefully). I also feel like I’m beginning to see slight changes in my face (a bit of puffiness but also somehow a little more masculine?) although that may be wishful thinking. Also, I know it’s hard to believe if you listen to my voice check in, but I think that my voice may already be beginning to drop ever so slightly. My usual voice is extremely high-pitched and feminine, so while I definitely don’t even sound remotely like a guy, it is a very slight change for me.

Stay posted for my check ins as I go through my transition, I’m feeling great and I’m excited for what’s in store!

4 thoughts on “Day 10: Check In

    • Thanks so much for suggesting this! I downloaded the app and my voice officially falls in the low end of “androgynous” right now. Couldn’t be happier!


  1. Thank you for posting these updates! As a non-binary person who has been hesitant about starting T for similar reasons to you I’m so grateful you are sharing your experience. 🙂


    • Thank you so much for reading, you are exactly the audience I was hoping would find this blog. I’m so glad that my sharing can be of some use to people out there who want to know more before they dive in to the process themselves.


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